Streaming offers for Affiliated Partner

At SuprNation we offer our partners various opportunities to engage with players and with Casino Streaming now playing a big part of your marketing campaigns, we want to support your success!

We therefore make various offers available that would assist you in creating streaming and promotional content to be shared on sites such as Twitch or Youtube in order to attract new depositing customers.

• The casino agrees to make available to the streamer a 50% reload bonus up €200 on every deposit with wagering requirements up to 50x. Furthemore, in limited cases such as Youtube video reviews, affiliated partners may choose to avail themselves of unconvertable bonus money to record videos previewing our site and various games.

• Alternatively, streamers may choose to forgo the reload bonus at any time, and winnings from the resulting deposit won’t need to be converted. This must be communicated with your account manager beforehand.

• In order to qualify for this offer, we ask that the streamer has an already established page with 1000+ subscribers, relevant content and a clear strategy, to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement.

• The reload bonus is not to be seen as an incentive to exploit the casino and increase the chances of winning, but a means to have more funds available to increase the duration and frequency of your streams, and thus maximise referrals of new depositing players.

• All promotional campaigns must first be authorized by your account manager and the affiliated partner complies with all necessary terms & conditions. Whilst a commission deal for referred players is to be discussed and agreed on a case-by-case basis.

• Any arrangement may be terminated immediately should the affiliate partner not abide by the terms; the promotions shed a bad light on the casino; or the arrangement is no longer financial viable.

We appreciate that it may not always be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario so do not hesitate to discuss any queries or concerns you may have about the above, and only start streaming our casinos once you are comfortable and happy with the arrangement.

Happy with everything? Then let’s help you get set up and kick off your campaigns.
We wish you best of luck and look forward to a long-standing relationship with you!